The Magic School Bus Blows it's Top by Joanna Cole
The Magic School Bus Blows it's Top by Joanna Cole
The Magic School Bus Blows it's Top by Joanna Cole
The Magic School Bus Blows it's Top by Joanna Cole

The Magic School Bus Blows it's Top by Joanna Cole

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Illustrated by Bruce Degen

Ms. Frizzle's class is having a hard time putting together a giant globe of the world. A piece is island so new it hasn't been discovered yet! Before they know it, the kids are beneath the oceans's surface, exploring an underwater volcano. Join the class as they learn about volcanoes.

The Magic School Bus award winning books from Scholastic have captivated both children and adults with clever storylines, extraordinary field trips and the one of a kind Ms. Frizzle. These ingenious stories have helped children develop an early love for science and interest in the world around them.

Written by Joanna Cole and illustrated by Bruce Degen, The Magic School Bus has more than 58 million Books in print.

Condition: Good condition with minor wear and a name written on the interior
Format: Paperback
Age: 4-8

Joanna Cole is the creator of Ms. Frizzle – and in one way, the two are alike. Both women share a passion for science, learning, and explaining new things. But Joanna Cole doesn’t wear ladybug earrings, nor ketchup bottles on her shoes. She is an avid reader and researcher who writes about science in a way that is both understandable and entertaining for her young audience. The Magic School Bus was the perfect opportunity to combine two of her favorite things: science and humor.

Before The Magic School Bus, Joanna Cole worked as an elementary school teacher, librarian, children’s book editor, and writer. She was already the successful author of nearly 100 children’s books. Then one day, she sat down to a new assignment and wrote the following words, “Our class really has bad luck. This year, we got Ms. Frizzle, the strangest teacher in school. We don’t mind her strange dresses or her strange shoes. It’s the way she acts that really gets us.”

Bruce Degen
After studying art in high school, college, and graduate school, the time came for Bruce Degen to decide how he would earn a living as an artist. “You don’t see many people walking around a gallery and chuckling,” he says. “And I realized that I wanted a chuckle. You can do a painting, and it might end up being on somebody’s wall, but if you do a book, it goes out to the world.”

It is Bruce Degen’s clever hand that brings The Magic School Bus to visual life. He stylized Ms. Frizzle’s wacky shoes and outrageous dresses. He formatted the books horizontally to include the multiple layers of Cole’s text. Yet long before the blockbuster series, Degen had already illustrated popular books such as Jamberry, Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?, and Commander Toad in Space. Degen’s own sense of humor and subtle jokes add a playful quality to all of the books he illustrates.


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