Our Mission

Little Modern Reader is the online bookstore making storytime sustainable.

Driven by a passion for books, we specialise in selling quality, preloved children's books that have been carefully selected and in the best condition possible.

Our mission is to extend the shelf life of children’s picture books, offering a convenient, affordable and planet-friendly way to build up a child’s library and spark their imagination. 

Every time you buy a book from Little Modern Reader, you are:

  • Saving a book from landfill
  • Reducing your carbon footprint by buying from existing resources
  • Saving money
  • Supporting important not-for-profit organisations benefiting both local and wider community
  • Participating in the sustainable practice of circular economy 
  • Extending the shelf life of our books 
  • Supporting a female-founded small business and independent bookstore

Giving Back

Australian Refugee Volunteers

At Little Modern Reader, we're passionate about supporting local causes that benefit children. 10% of our profits are donated to Australian Refugee Volunteers (ARV), a Sydney based, not-for-profit volunteer organisation who run monthly excursions for children and teens coming from a refugee or asylum seeker backgroundThrough their work, ARV aims to improve the lives of these children and their families, offering support through opportunity. Read more about them here.


Sustainably Driven

At Little Modern Reader, we're committed to being as sustainable as possible, even down to how we package and ship our books. Recycling where we can, we use and reuse eco-friendly packaging (recycled cardboard & paper) and ship our books in 100% compostable mailers sealed with recyclable/compostable tape. Learn more about our shipping policy here.

We're here to redefine the way we view secondhand - offering beautiful books, on a convenient platform for easy, sustainable shopping.

Because every book has more than one story to tell.