The Island by John Heffernan
The Island by John Heffernan
The Island by John Heffernan
The Island by John Heffernan

The Island by John Heffernan

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Illustrated by Paul Sheehan

*Children’s Book Council of Australia 2006 Picture Book of the Year Honour Book
*White Raven Award from the Youth Library in Munich

How do we find happiness? And once we find it, how do we hold on to it

A tribe on an island doesn't experience happiness until a sea creature forms a friendship with a blind boy and introduces the islanders to joy. The islanders are afraid that this new-found happiness may elude them and imprison the creature. The boy and the creature escape the island taking all happiness with them.

“This book tells the story of an island on which a hard-working tribe lives. They rarely smiled, and never laughed, and although there was much beauty on the island, no one noticed. No one, that is, except a little blind boy.”

“The blind boy brings happiness to the people of the island. He shows them how to laugh. But that’s not enough for them. They want to capture this happiness and keep it forever.”

“If only they knew.”

Condition: Brand new condition
Type: Paperback
Age: 5+

John Heffernan is a popular, award-winning author. He lives with his wife, eight dogs, three cats and numerous other animals on a sheep and cattle property south of Walcha. He writes for all ages, across genres, and his books are routinely nominated for CBC awards. John spends much of his time touring schools and meeting children and teachers.


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