Hi, I'm Em

We love books in our household. So it may come as no surprise that Little Modern Reader’s story began with an idea that came during the first lockdown in Sydney.

As a mum of a young, avid reader, with all libraries and op shops closed, I found it difficult to find a sustainable option to buy books for my daughter. While buying new was attainable for us, I was uncomfortable with the idea that we had to buy it new and knew that so many parents were not in the position to do so.

I decided it was time to reinvent the secondhand buying experience for other parents like myself, looking for a more modern, sustainable and above all affordable way to keep storytime interesting. Sourcing beautiful children’s books in excellent condition, I set out to make the secondhand online shopping experience as easy and reliable as possible.

Additionally I wanted to create a place where people could donate their unwanted books in a meaningful way, while simultaneously giving back and so just like that,  Little Modern Reader was born.

Today, Little Modern Reader works to help hundreds of families source books sustainably, extending the shelf life of our most beloved stories, while creating a circular economy so that more children are able to access and enjoy them.

eM x